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1 definition by Nick F#$&ING gonzales

considerening now,because of all these different but very good subgenres of metal, i don't even know anymore!!!it is used to describe the dedicated and true metal fan.sadly we now judge some person just because they like slipknot.look im a fan of all metal genres and i just need to say it:we have turned against each other. in the very begining it was about the music & fandom & that was all.Now we are all in disarray,pitted against one and other.heavy,nu,traditional, or whatever other subgenres that came into the picture,deep down all thesegenres end with one word: METAL!
as long as you love the music, appreciate ALL the subgenres,and let the music flow through you,you are a metalhead.
by Nick F#$&ING gonzales July 24, 2006