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The common pronouncement and name for the current decade, the '00s. The 'Oughties' was created out of the word "ought" which is an old-fashioned or British way of saying "zero".
"Forget the '80s and '90s, this is the decade and time for everything that Ought to be..these are the naughty OUGHTIES!"
by Nick Adams January 17, 2007
The word "Bread" can also be referred to as a game.

"Bread" is when a group of guys take a piece of bread, and they all try to be the first to ejaculate on it. The last one to ejaculate has to eat the piece of bread.
Hey, Tom. Last night the guys and I played Bread, and Gary didn't ejaculate at all, so he had to eat it! It was hilarious!
by Nick Adams May 26, 2007

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