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1 definition by Nichole && Morgan :]

A town with nothing but shit talk in Southern Mass.
Close to Fairhaven, Dartmouth, Rochester, Marion and let it be known its the poorest of them all. New Beige a place where the kids ride dirtyy; & know how to party. Everyone that anybody knows everyone. Where the "skaters" skate "the ledge" and the "gangstas" rep the "front." where we know every black kid has a gun and every white boys been jumped atleast once. Where the school system knows nothing but to throw kids out to westside. Noone's really positive who their babies daddies are. Where Charter school is hated and NBHS is forever. Where Mr. Whaler is basically the teen of the town. Kids play frisbee at buttonwood but they play it down right rough. Where every clique has is whore; the term bobblehead is used often. Where we know all the rich kids live in the North end and we know Sassaquin isn't new b. Where UFP is shot up atleast once a year and C-block isn't a real gang. Where all the kids know how to dance; and can shake it like jello makin' all the boys in the surrounding towns say hello. Everyone has a two-way; "BLEEEPBLEEP, Niggahh where you at?!" Where the word "niggah" is deffinatly over used. New Bedford is love and we rep it all too well. The local shows are all "HARDCORE" yet every scene kid shows up.
Well yeah we aren't any better then you but dont call New Bedford the "ghetto" its a town too. we love it just as much as you.
example: New bedford makes you wanna Holllahhhh :]
by Nichole && Morgan :] April 02, 2007
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