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(BUH-kit oh BEE-tees)
A large portion of anything, usually a medley of foods with large amounts of saturated and trans fats. These foods are usually eaten by people with BMI's over 90. Bucket O' Betes is a good, safe alternative to hanging yourself.
I went to Panda the other day, and got a Bucket O' Betes with extra soy sauce and a Dr. Pepper.
#fat #diabetes #bucket #trans #medley #lard #grease
by Nicholas Mokover February 17, 2008
roll on the floor laughing my fucking ass off and a barbeque!
Rotflmfaobbq that dog is fat!
#lol #rotflmfau #yosh #eis #diabeeeeteeees
by Nicholas Mokover December 23, 2007
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