2 definitions by Nicholas Hiebert

Formed in late 2004 as an alternative to the word Owned. Usually used as an abusive term for acknowledging another person's misfortune.
Person 1: "Oh man, Jimmy got Scoop'd!"
Person 2: "How?"
Person 1: "He tried to videotape him and his girlfriend having sex... But she found the camera"
Person 2: "OH! SCOOP'D!!"
by Nicholas Hiebert March 30, 2005
First appearing in late 2004, this term was used as an alternative for the words: awesome, and cool.
Person 1: "Hey, did you hear what Jimmy just got?"
Person 2: "No, What did he get?"
Person 1: "A new MP3 Player, it's really Rye Bread!"
Person 2: "Oh man, that's Rye Bread"
by Nicholas Hiebert May 07, 2005

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