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A person who constantly has an excuse for everything usually one that passes the blame from himself to others.
Varnish: Man I can't believe that Nick is late again!
Swedish: Yeah but you know he will have a good excuse, that guy is blame retardent.
by Nicholas Clark April 17, 2008
one or multiple star tattoos on the forearm (often seen in groups of three).
"did you check out that guys emo scout badges"
by nicholas clark December 03, 2007
A rough and rather forceful sexual practice, where a women is concentingly held down as the male partner degrades and abuses her both verbally and sexually.

named after jeanne triplehorns scene in basic instinct.

sofa optional.
James - How did it go with the girl you picked up last night?
Stu - She was a bit of a goer so I took her back to my place and triplehorned her!
by Nicholas Clark March 04, 2008
to brag about your ability at something but when you put your money where your mouth is you fall vastly short of the mark
Stu: how was your table tennis match against jamie?
Matt: well he said he was good but he pulled a parmenter
by nicholas clark January 09, 2008

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