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The Apprentice boy is -Much- alike the Jester Boy taking after him in almost every concept, even in leadership. He is less inclined to sacrifice his digity for laughs, and is far less witty than the Jester Boy, having trouble in arguements, and being even more easy to break down than the Goblin Boy, even so, the Goblin Boy and the Apprentice Boy are mortal enemies, and are only bound together by Cauliflower Boy and the Burnouts ring leader, Jester Boy. Despite this, Apprentice boy holds the same relations power, bringing the Burnouts more allied groups.
"Jester boy, Goblin boy.. Cauliflower Boy.. Where is Apprentice Boy?" Asked Robert.

"Oh, He's in class Finishing up work. He'll be back soon, most likely near Jester Boy."
by Nicholas Burr November 28, 2007
The Jester boy is the Ring Leader of the Burnouts, He is undefeatable in a battle of Wit, Even to those older than him. He is very close to all of the members of the group, but holds the greatest link to the other groups of the school in the whole group. He controls relations, but spends most of his time with the Burnouts. In his group are The Apprentice Boy, Cauliflower Boy and Goblin Boy. He is known to be very spontanious, and willing to sacrifice Marks, or Dignity for the undenyable halarity that will insue after such events occur.
"So, who's the Jester Boy of this -Stupid- class?"
Asked Mr. Neufeld

"Nic, but of course."
Answered Chris
by Nicholas Burr November 28, 2007
A small, Hunch-backed boy who has long hair, and wears green a lot. This boy is prone to much Harrassment, due to his small size, but when prevoked, the boy turns into a menacing creature. Packing one of the most painful kicks in the world, and willing to rip ones eyes out, if angered enough. Mostly the Goblin Boy is controled or spends much time around the Jester Boy, for either protection or Jest.
"Wow, you know that short kid over there?" said Cindy

"Oh, Neil?" Said Rob

"Yeah, he's such a Goblin Boy"
by Nicholas Burr November 28, 2007

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