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Sloppy snogging. Either while one or both people involved are drunk or just REALLY BAD at kissing and won't let go of your face with their face.
Girl1: Eh, he was so bad at kissing! I hate slogging.
Girl2: Hun, that's what happens after you give a lightweight too much gin.
Girl1: But he was cute!
Girl2: Well that's your mistake.
by Nibby2 April 25, 2009
The target victim of the snoggie. See "snoggie".
Girl1: He'd been eyeing you all day. It's no wonder you ended up his snogget.
Girl2: Yeah, it was totally awesome though!
by Nibby2 April 25, 2009
Face sex. Like making out but more forceful. Prolonged snogging.
A really really really long makeout session.

Dude1: Hey, we ask Trevor if he wants to come with us!
Dude2: No way. I went in there an hour ago and him and this chick were having snex.
Dude1: Ahh gross. I heard she's a freaky kisser.
Dude2: She must be. She had him in a headlock.
by Nibby2 April 25, 2009
The person who initiated the snogging.
Girl1: I have to admit, I was the snoggie this time.
Girl2: No way! Way to take the reins, girl!
by Nibby2 April 25, 2009

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