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3 definitions by New Edition Fan

A stupid-ass insult aimed at anyone who doesn't agree with right-wing political, economic, social or religious goals or doesn't agree with the right-wing, revisionist view of American history and policies as inherently altruistic and benign. Often used by far right Republicans to mean anyone to the political left of Ronald Reagan. Used by some ignorant Democrats to mean anyone to the left of moderate liberals/conservative Democrats like Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton. Used especially harshly to defame and dismiss Minorities (especially black people and Arabs) who unflinchingly shine some light on the more sordid parts of the American past and present to the chagrin of some white people in denial who want to believe racism is over or wasn't all that bad.
Intelligent American: "The war in Iraq is a fucking travesty. The fact that perhaps more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians are dead and probably more than 5,000 US soldiers are dead because of it is horrific. I don't think history will look kindly on this massacre. I hope our grandchildren will forgive us for our actions which brought about the economic decline which will leave them in debt."

Ignorant American: "Shut the fuck up you black-welfare-recipient-liberal-pinko-commie-anarcho-Kim Jong Hugo Fidel Chavez Ahmadinejad-loving-anti-American-fag-loving-queer. The surge is working and we had to fight this war because the terrists are taking of the world because they hate us for our freedumb. You're probably an Obama-loving socialist you fucking hippie. Get a haircut and get a job, terrorist-hugger. You just want America to lose because you hate everything American and hate democracy. Why do you hate freedom?"

Intelligent American: "Nothing about the hijacking of this country by the corporate and bureaucratic elite and bloodthirsty profitering war-mongerers is about 'freedom' or 'democracy'. This is about sacrificing American lives for profit and power. Anyone who sits by and lets this country be hijacked by soulless suits and cheers them on as they bury this country in death tolls, debt and ruin is not a patriot. They're a fucking ultranationalist retard who worships national authority figures and has no concern for the country or their fellow citizens and neighbors. If you support wars so much why don't you enlist in the Army and go fight the war you support so much you fatass, armchair coward?"

Ignorant American: "Uh, I'm doing my job here in the homeland frontline....from my home computer.....uh...SHUT UP YOU FUCKING COMMIE BASTARD!"

Intelligent American: "Go sign up so you fight on the frontline in Iraq or Afghanistan. They need more soldiers for the surge. And pay for this damn war with your own damn money instead of using my tax dollars to do it, you fugging Neanderthal."
by New Edition Fan August 09, 2008
1) Noun: A man who was once called "The King of R&B" and "The King of Stage". He was a street kid started singing with neighbors Ricky Bell and Michael Bivins in the ghettos of Roxbury, Massachusetts for change after school for the movies in 1978. Fellow Roxbury singers Ralph Tresvant and Ronnie DeVove joined with him to form the group "New Edition" by 1981 and got a record deal by 1982. Split from the group in 1986 after stage antics and went on to achieve mega-stardom by 1988 with his hits "Don't Be Cruel", "Every Little Step", "Rock Wit'cha" and "Roni". By 1989, was the most popular black male artist/entertainer in the United States whose concerts could get so wild he was arrested for it more than once. At that point he could be considered a male equivalent of a diva. He also did cameos in some of the songs of the solo New Edition members in 1990 and 1991, including a brief reunion with New Edition in Bell Biv DeVoe's 1991 song "Word To The Mutha". In 1992, he hooked up Whitney Houston, a nationally popular diva and fellow street girl with equally phonemoninal stage presence. Similar to Bobby, she was a street girl from Newark, New Jersey and had been into the sex and drugs underground scene in the music industry since the 80's. There were even semi-credible tabloid rumors she was bisexual or lesbian. Bobby married her in 1992 and they remained an odd yet accepted couple until the mid-90's when their careers begin to fade amidst a mixture of change in national music interests, self-destructive drug habits and yearly misdemanors. By the late-90's he was considered washed-up and had been cruely transformed by the media into a circus spectacle, not unlike Britney Spears today. Except Bobby had talent. He relesed a new CD in 1997 which didn't do very well commercially and didn't realease another song until 2002 with Ja Rule which sparked rumors of a return that fell flat. Suffered a tragic stroke that same year which left his mouth permanently turned the side when he talks. Instead of making a comeback he started a reality show called "Being Bobby Brown" which largely showcased his and Whitney's drug-induced antics and let the world see Whitney's ugly side. In 2006 he temporarily reunited with New Edition on tour but was dropped after more stage antics. In 2007 he filed for divorce which was finalized in 2008 and released a controversial tell-all book. In 2008-9 he plans to permanently rejoin New Edition and tour with them for their 25th Anniversery of national fame. Now that he's divorced from his smoking buddy Whitney maybe he can get his act together, stay off of drugs permanently, turn his life around and re-ignite his career. Fortunately most of his talent has been left intact if not his public reputation. Unfortunately many Whitney Houston fans will irrationally forever hate him because they blame him for Whitney's downfall that she herself caused just like he caused his own downfall.
Prima: "Man, that Bobby Brown is such a fucking loser. No wonder Whitney left him."

Secunda: "What? Whitney married him for a reason: he was hot and they were into the same stuff. She was probably into coke since her modeling career before her singing career. Her and Bobby both liked the wild party life when not on stage."

Prima: "Maybe, but he's still a washed-up and cracked-out loser."

Secunda: "What are you talking about? Bobby was a national sensation in his day just like Whitney. They called him 'The King of R&B' for crying out loud. He was the most popular black artist around. Now that he's getting back on his feet, if he seriously gets himself together and comes back he will blow Usher and Chris Brown out of the water with little effort."
by New Edition Fan July 10, 2008
1) Noun: People who are black. Actually range from dark brown to very light brown/almost white. A potentially great people who let poor education, poverty and negative cultural influences hold us back. We still have yet to become completely equal in terms of lack of discrimination and equal opportunities, but we're getting there and we're still in the fight. Even if some of us just barely are and some of us in the inner cities just want to get by on hustling until we're killed or put in jail and some of us in the suburbs just care about our own personal financial upward mobility.
Racist white person: "You people don't give anything back to society. We gave you everything."

Black person: "America is a creation of both black people and white people. Go to Google and type in "African-American inventors" and "African inventions" or "African civilizations" and enlighten yourself."
by New Edition Fan July 10, 2008