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1 definition by New Castle Crew

NCC is short for The New Castle Crew.

Based out of Colorado Springs, CO the NCC is a group of snowboarder kids that hang out, party, ride, and just make a name for themselves doing anything they can. The New Castle Crew was founded by local celebs Kapil Gopal, Brandon Austin, Justin Holmes, and Anthony Tafoya. Rather than being a gang oriented group, they tend to have a rather positive influence in their community and are well known and respected. They can all be recognized by an old plane tattoo primarily located on their inner bicep. Most reside in a house called the NCC house, which is reserved for any activities they hold. The NCC is not a gang, however they are a close knit community of friends who represent the true lifestyle of a college crew.
"Hey skro, this party is sick..when are the NCC kids coming?", "so you goin to the NCC tonight? I guess they are throwin it down."

by New Castle Crew April 01, 2008
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