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a violence-ridden city that is considered to be holy, sacred and important to the three Abrahamic faiths - Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
"Jerusalem" is also a common chorus in some religious hymns. For instance, Billy rushed to come to choir practice and in the process he forgot to put on his belt. The choir was practicing that choral verse "Jerusalem! Jeh-ruh-sa-lem!" and Johnny was standing behind Billy and as Billy's pants were dropping Johnny was sing "Ya-loo-sen-em!".
by New World Man January 19, 2009
1. a tune by the Beatles that is notorious for possibly being the first rock'n'roll hit that prominently features a non-Western instrument - in this case the sitar. The lyrics describe the evolution of an extra-marital affair that John had that was now over. Paul sang the words. The title phrase is a play on phonetics - the line "knowing she would" in the lyrics was considered to be too risque for radio so that phrase was replaced by "Norwegian Wood". If you ask me, that sounds even more "risque" or at least funny to me!

2. what you get after a night of laying with a Norwegian woman.
1. in my college class of "Art and Music of the Post-WWII Era" one day our professor played "Norwegian Wood" as an example of the Beatles' contribution to music and culture. She explained the meaning behind the lyrics and then asked us, "Does anybody know why it's called 'Norwegian Wood'?". I think "Norwegian girl, woody...", then I start laughing. She says, "I hear some giggling back there!"

2. Garry laid a young Norwegian waitress he met at a restaurant. The next morning he woke up with Norwegian Wood.
by New World Man January 19, 2009
1. a slang name for crack cocaine. This is due to the "rock" nature of the drug.

2. a woman who "walks the streets for money" and doesn't "care if it's wrong or it's right". She is the title girl in the classic hit by the Police.

3. a girl mentioned in the pioneering 1984 rap tune "Roxanne, Roxanne" by UTFO. Several "answer" songs by other rappers came out.

4. a beautiful woman's name, sometimes shortened to "Roxy".
1. Elaine smoked some roxanne last night. When the drug wore off she crashed and spent all day today in the sack.

2. ... told you once, I won't tell you again, it's a bad way
ROXXXXXXANNE! You don't have to put on the red light...

3. a female rapper dubbing herself as "Roxanne" made a song in answer to the club hit by UTFO.

4. stay away from Roxanne. She's a maneater.
by New World Man January 19, 2009
In the 80's the TV ads for this restaurant made the name into ananagram:
Arby's has some decent food. One sandwich, the BBC - beef bacon cheese- is especially good.
by New World Man January 27, 2009
1. the host/mascot of a series of science textbooks that my school used for grades 6 - 10. He's an alien from another planet and he gives additional tips on the lab experiments that you perform.

2. nickname for Iggy Pop, the "Godfather of Punk".
1. in one experiment in the 8th grade we made a sort of bread by working with yeasts instead of baking. One question asked us to rate our bread:

Is it tasty,so-so, or "for the birds"? At the side of the page Iggy is seeing how awful his bread is: one bird is gagging, one is barfing it out, and another is hawking and ptooie!
Pretty bad shit, huh?

2. ...gonna
shake my butt, shake my butt, shake my butt in Butt Town!
by New World Man January 27, 2009
a slogan (using rhymns) that's been used in the past by the Rev. Jesse Jackson.
Up with Hope, Down with Dope sounds like a positive notion, but when the children grow up and have to face the problems and stresses of life where dumbasses are in unearned positions of power and they try to influence every aspect of our lives then some may lose hope. Then how do they try to cope and meet demands? You guessed it - DOPE!
by New World Man January 14, 2009
Look at Iran. It calls itself an "Islamic Republic". It's a theocratic dictatorship where the ruling ayatollahs impose THEIR version of Islam on Iranians.
American ayatollahs are those who want to impose THEIR version of Christianity on all American people. They want to establish a totalitarian nation, a Christian Iran.
The American Ayatollahs are the "fundie"- inclined false prophets who steal, and try to force their views on America. This recent election campaigning we had was tainted by rumors and lies. The main candidates seemed to be alright but there were cretins on both sides of the fence and the Christian Reich tried to use it all to their advantage. Barack Obama and John McCain acted civil to each other but the fanatical riff-raff and the lies and the rumors were all over the place. These American Ayatollahs are nothing but prying con artists with an evil agenda!
by New World Man January 27, 2009

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