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The incorrect spelling for the word "Poseur". But if you must know, a poser is

pos·er pṓzər
(plural pos·ers)
(n) Someone who poses for a photograph or a work of art.

Look it up.

Although, a 'poseur', if that is what you meant, is

po·seur pō zúr
(plural po·seurs)

(n) A Pretentious Person: somebody who tries to impress others by behaving in an affected way

I'm unsure why people changed the spelling of it, but it is frowned apon. You have just made an ass out of you and me.
1) someone who poses (aka poser)

2) same as poseur (informal)
#narcissist #show-off #loser #misspelling #fail
by Nerdfighter Ninja January 31, 2011
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