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Speaking as an Nerd Queen myself:

One who is backstabbed, rejected, and shunned from social life, simply for the absolute truth that they have a higher IQ than all other people, AKA, the middle of the bell curve. The average middle/high school student can't handle it, so nerds are pushed into the corner, tormented and forgotten.

1. Nerds have friends: other nerds.
2. Nerds don't care about what you think. Insult us and we will laugh.
3. Nerds are aware that they are unwanted.
4. Geeks are wannabe nerds that just don't have it in them.
5. Nerds can be serious party animals.
6. Always listen to a nerd's advice. It is for your own good.
Nerd1: ...so as the gravitational pull of the White Dwarf increases, it attracts and sucks in all remaining Quarks pairs, eventually imploding.

Geek: Yeah! ...Wait, I didn't understa-

Jock and girfriend: Whatever! Stuff it, nerd!

Later, Nerd1: Bet you 5 bucks you can't beat me at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit!!

Nerds 2 and 3: You're ON!
by Nerd Queen April 04, 2010

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