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Something that most people on the internet claim to love, yet the majority of them have probably never used it. And even those who actually have, probably only smoke it occasionally while claiming to smoke it daily. It does not take a special kind of person to smoke it, nor does it make you a special kind of person for smoking it. It does not make you a gangster, hippie, revolutionary, etc., only your beliefs do. If you do happen to smoke it, it's just a minor detail.
Saying you smoke marijuana doesn't make you any more interesting than it does to say you breathe oxygen. Whether you do smoke it or you don't, it's not a big deal in any way.
by Nerd Please May 27, 2009
Some fucker who thinks he's a badass online, but in reality isn't shit. Yet another nobody who likes bullshit like "lolcats," martial arts (but probably has never bothered to learn any) and using words like "kitteh" and such, while thinking he is some kind of tough guy at the same time. Probably spends most of his income on his addictions of WoW and "adult" anime shows.
Ninja Cat thought he was a badass after making an asinine claim on a forum. Later that night he stepped outside of his building to buy anime porn after a failed WoW raid and mouthed off to a guy, who struck Ninja Cat in the head with a baseball bat. He was left to bleed on the concrete, and when his fat goth girlfriend came to check on him, she found his stash of anime porn and dumped his worthless ass.
by Nerd Please May 27, 2009

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