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A term used only when expressing a maximum agreement with someone or something.
Matt: Ay brah, I got this drunk bitch in the back and she wants to get dub plugged. You in, brah?

Brian: Yea dude fuck yea.

Matt: Don't touch me, though, brah... and you got butthole, brah.

Brian: Yea dude fuck yea.
by Neil Vincent Bonaventure Duris August 06, 2008
Means "good one." It is also the typical response which one would say to a fucking douchebag statement or joke; however, it could be used in any situation.
Hank: You're a fuckin' douchebag, Neil!

Neil: Appa kappa goo weh.
by Neil Vincent Bonaventure Duris March 28, 2008
The national language of Guitteauland, in which the word "pussy" has nearly 50 variations. Any one with the surname "Guitteau" is traditionally fluent in this odd language, and he/she usually has saggy titties along with very hairy pussy pubes.
Mary Lynn GUITTEAU: I wike to say hewow to strangas and hahve wiiild sayx with zthem.

Austin: I don't know what the fuck u sayin'- you must be speekin' the Guitty. And get yo tits outta ma face.
To be the krispiest of them all, but with a K boi, if you are crispy with a C boi it makes me want to eat you- like a twix boi...mmm, i like dem bois dey crispy but not krispy

Hank: You ain't Krispy, you Crispy- i want to eat your butt.
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