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This states the range of a person's fart. It an attribute used to describe a person. It is similar to standards such as person's height, sex, or race, but has a tendency to fluctuate depending on certain factors. Such factors include genetics, diet, body position, and mood. Some people, however, are known to have significantly greater range than other people. Some synonyms for this world includes "fart range", "flaturange", "rip terf"
Neil Patrick Harrison: "aww fuck man, did you just fart?"
Samuel L Jackson:"what! Fuck no. If I did, I would own up to that shit fool."
Victor Garber:(walking across the lobby)
"Heyyyyy, whats up. You wanna get wasted, bro?"
Neil: "Fuck yea, but seriously dude, what the fuck is up with your fart zone. That shit fills up the entire room."

Victor: what can I say bro. I'm one talented motherfucker
by Neil Nayn October 17, 2011
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