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The act of strangling, nearly to asphyxiation, perhaps to semi-unconsciousness or unconsciousness, during sex.
In extreme circumstances, the expression "Struck her down'' can be used when unconsciousness occurs, especially when combined with the end of the female orgasm.
Transitive verb usage - "Struck you!"
A combination of the words strangle and fuck.
Damn, she's so hot I could struck her all night, I bet she loves it.
by Neighborhood master of Chaos June 05, 2011
A constant state of epiphany. To enjoy an enlightened state of mind constantly, if not always consistently - after all, we're human.
Suddenly it dawned on me in an epiphonic fashion. I understood...everything, answers and realizations came to me instantly and I knew no doubts, only enlightenment.
by Neighborhood master of Chaos June 05, 2011
The downside of the experience of being epiphonic.
Although still hinting of enlightenment, the individual experiencing this may have problems verbalizing and expressing themselves and their higher thoughts. A quirky person who may be brilliant, but is socially retarded.
Epiphrenics need a lot of open mindedness in order to be understood.
A person who doesn't fit societal norms because of a much higher I.Q. than the average in his or her region.

Someone liable to say to you "I'm not weird, I'm just too intelligent to be understood by everyone."
A combination of the words epiphany and schizophrenia.
I don't know if he's epiphrenic...I thought he made sense, I just had to think about it.
by Neighborhood master of Chaos June 05, 2011

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