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Best Movie ever. Only fags have not watched this movie.
Smokie: And you know this...MAN!
by Negro Sandia October 31, 2003
A fake suburbian faggot rapper. They try to go to the city and steal the identity of real gangsters only to be ultimately gunned down.
Damn that guy is a fucking Gusto. He stole the Real Gusto's street Cred, but he ain't nothing but a punk bitch.
by NEGRO SANDIA October 29, 2003
Toby Keith is a country music star. He is very famous. He is also an idiot. Like most xenophobic red neck assholes he is cashing in on the horrible tragedies currently involving the United States of America and militant and radical Islam. If Toby really felt the way in which he sings he would not cash in on the death of American soldiers in Iraq. If Toby was really pro-American Soldier he would be advocating their return.
Child: Mother, I love Toby Keith!
Mother: Blasphemy! Why do you say that?
Child: Because he is willing to die defending the good ol' US of A.
Mother: Really? Then why isn't he in Iraq right now "defending" our rights instead of cashing in on American idiots?
Mother: Exactly you dipshit
by Negro Sandia August 02, 2005
A man who tries to prevent you from getting your cock into a woman's vagina. Generally done by friends who are jealous of your pimping skills or guys who hate you because you're about to steal their "dream woman."
by NEGRO SANDIA October 29, 2003
A fairytale. A title usually given by a woman to herself in order for her to appear independent from men. Most "Pimpstresses" are known to fuck more than I do, only I make money out of fucking bootiful bootches, a "Pimpstress" will eat cum for free. This definiton is identical to that of whore.
That beezy said she was a "Pimptress" until Suga Bear overheard her making a mockery of his chosen profession. Shortly after the same "Pimptress" was seen selling her voluptuous vagina for Suga Bear at a rate of $50 for a handjob, $100 for a blowjob, and $300 for a half and half. Business boomed and Suga Bear was happy.
by Negro Sandia February 16, 2005
A man's genetalia. It must be huge in order to be considered a Moby.
Damn, I got a Moby and all the Ahabs(A woman who jocks your huge dick) want some!
by NEGRO SANDIA October 29, 2003
A song by One Way. This song is so potent in it's message that it should replace the "Pledge of Alligance" with "Cutie Pie, your the reason why." Bitches of all shapes and colors want to be called this.
Horny Guy: Damn ho you a cutie pie!
Tyra Banks: Want to fuck?
Horny Guy: Score!
by Negro Sandia October 31, 2003
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