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The greatest place ever.
Everyone who doesn't get in feels so bad about themselves that they have to write derogatory urbandictionary.com definitions about it.
"Did you get into USC?"
"Yea! Did you?"
"No .. fuck now I have to go to UCLA."
"Dude ... that blows."
by Needs a name December 28, 2007
Tilly's is a clothing/shoe store located mostly in Southern California (where it was founded in 1982) but also in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Florida. The store sells the latest in surf, skate, motocross, and So-Cal lifestyle clothing, shoes, and accessories. It provides excellent customer service and great training for it's employees, both new and experienced. It is a really great place to be for both customer and employee.
"I just got a job at Tilly's!"
"Really?! You're so lucky!"
"I know!"
by Needs a name December 29, 2007
A So-Cal style store with cool clothes for guys of many shapes and sizes and cute clothes for girls who range between the sizes of 0 and 0.5.
Hollister Employee : "Can I find you a size?"
Lauren : "Yea, I wear a 7."
Hollitster Employee : "Here's a 15, that should fit."

by Needs a name December 29, 2007

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