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A disgusting, boring, shithole of a town that Satan raised out of the depths of the River Styx and placed in Central Virginia. This was done in order to use as an alternative punishment for non-Lynchburg resident college students when they committed a grievous sin. The town obviously shows its Satanic influence as its residents are brainwashed into thinking it's a great place to live in, while college students know better and see it for what it is.

The town however, does provide some great lulz to any non-resident when it and its citizens try to pass it off as an "up and coming city". This, of course, is a bunch bullshit, when any decent city has at least more than one art store (yes, Lynchburg has only one art store) and has some clubs (which they don't), high quality shopping isn't just limited to a small mall, Walmart, and Target, its greatest achievement isn't Liberty University and its highlights aren't large amount of churches and fast-food restaurants.
Lynchburg: Proof that Hell doesn't reside beneath the earth.

See also: hillbilly-town shithole bullshit punishment waste lynchburg
by Need to escape October 04, 2009

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