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10 definitions by NecroGrim

Some Norwegian dude who just happens to be one of the best musical geniuses ever. His band, Burzum, totally defines black metal. The later works of Burzum are ambient, but the earlier stuff was black metal, usually with excellent use of keyboards. While his music may be great, I tend to disagree with his beliefs when it comes to politics.
Varg Vikernes is the frontman of a black metal band called Burzum.
by NecroGrim August 27, 2005
An incredible melodic black metal band from Sweden, mixing harsh vocals and sounds with melodic guitar solos. Live Legacy just happens to be one of the best albums ever.
Just listen to it, tool.
by NecroGrim August 27, 2005
Isengard has several meanings:

1.The tower of Saruman the White in J.R.R Tolkien's world of Middle Earth.

2.A Power Metal band from Sweden.

3. The Black/Folk metal solo project of Fenriz(Darkthrone)
1. Gandalf went to Isengard to meet with Saruman.

2. I bought Isengard(SWE)'s "Crownless Majesty" album today.

3. I bought Isengard(NOR)'s "Hostmorke" album today.
by NecroGrim August 27, 2005