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2 definitions by Nayru Moon

A well-developed anime with realistic characters, a great plot, and high ratings. It's fun to parody, and there are many possibilities for yaoi relationships, so it's a fangirl favorite.
Heero and Relena are two main characters of Gundam Wing.
by Nayru Moon October 12, 2003
A group of elite otaku girls who spend their time chatting about anime and the typical teenage girl stuff. Most of them are constantly hyper, and they have a few depressed girls within the group. They're tight like a knot, and a group of the nicest, most welcoming and understanding, and coolest girls you will ever meet on the net.
Duo gathers authoresses from everywhere and puts them in a chatroom. They call themselves his angels and ladies.
by Nayru Moon July 26, 2003