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One who compulsively repeats Fox News factoids and editorials as if they were his own opinion. They come off as being somewhat queeny in their fancifal portrayal of themselves as being politically engaged.

These generally male pink faced half wits rarely, if ever, seek other sources of information and opinion while aggressively pursuing arguments in inappropriate venues such as family gatherings, the work place and dinner parties.
That stupid Fox News Fag cousin Mark wouldn’t shut up about Prop 8 at Michael and Eli‘s wedding in San Francisco last week. You’d think he would know better; it’s no wonder the waiter spilled Syrah on his lap.
by Navadude September 14, 2010
(n) One who trims marijuana separating the bud from the shake. Often stooped over with a terminal case of trimmers back, they wear the facial expression of a buffoonish simian, the result of trading their labor more often for bud than for money. Trim monkeys can be seem in most North West California towns after the summer world music festivals wearing bright tie-dyed clothing, pan handling and asking for trim work. By the middle of November most retreat to warmer drier climates.
Did you happen to see that Trim Monkey pan handle the soccer mom at Schats this morning.

Yeah she told him to get a job, so he asked her if she had any trim work. The next thing I saw was her headed out the door with a new pair of mini fiscars and off they went in the black SUV.
by navadude September 27, 2010
Any thing or person that in it’s youth was sensually compelling, but with age has become repulsively old. Centerfold models, now elephant skinned octogenarians and wine, especially expensive and highly rated wine that you personnaly paid lots of money for, which is well past drinkability are examples of elder porn. An originally expensive tech tool that you showed off to your friends, but was quickly eclipsed and is now old and embarrassing to be seen with.
Despite its high rating by Parker and the Wine Spectator, the 1984 Ol’ Puss Won is today little more than elder porn. I paid $300 for that wine and let it rot in my cellar.
by Navadude July 06, 2010

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