1 definition by Native Shore

by John T. Cunningham
New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press,1958
Pg. 101:
Fast trains to Atlantic City, along with a one-dollar round-trip fare,created the "day tripper," and the "Dollar Excursion" unquestionably (Pg.102--ed.) gave the city its wide popularity. Throughout the 1890's and up until World War I working men had freedom to play only on Sundays. That day, week in and week out, found swaying Atlantic City-bound coaches teeming with Philadelphia families, laden with their "shoe box lunches."... Naturally not all of Atlantic City viewed the "Shoe Box Lunch Set" with favor. Keepers of the swank hotels figured anyone who couldn't come for at least a week should stay home and get rested for his job.
The shore is best in the winter when all the Shoobies and Bennies stay home.
by Native Shore August 27, 2006

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