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The Hardcore version of fuckin. It's a more violent way of saying it and is usually used as a replacement on the many "social networking sites". Exp: Myspace, Facebook, ect. ect.
1. Shit im fxckin bored!!!

2. Shut up you fxckin asshole.

3. Where the hell im my fxckin phone?!
by Nathan AKA Batman February 09, 2008
1. It is the description of an action that is so gruesome they had to cram all the words together to make sense of it.

2.Kill-A-Bitch is describing the act of beating someone senseless, putting them into extreme and unimaginable pain, or actually "killing" them.
Dude 1: Man watch where you walkin' man!
Dude 2: Well then get yo' fat ass out the way then!
Dude 3: Hahaha my man bout to killabitch!!
Dude 1: Man I was playin' halo 3 and this noob was tryna act hard in shiit. So i had to killabitch to let em' know, this aint no fxckin cowboy movie.
by Nathan AKA Batman February 14, 2008
Kooly can be used as a substitute for cool, and it can be used to express extreme joy.
Dude 1: Movies. Now.
Dude 2: kooly


Dude 1: We're goin to Las Vegas!
Dude 2: Forrizle? Kooly!
by Nathan AKA Batman February 07, 2008
Translated as "some where out there". Referring to some thing lost, including your self.
"at least its in da house" "n not westbubblefuck"


Dude where are you?

IDK like westbubblefuck man...
by Nathan AKA Batman February 12, 2008

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