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Shyambits: pronounced "shEMbits." A noun meaning dead computers from which workable bits may still be harvested to put together a better, faster computer.
"Look at that heap of Shyambits! I'll pull a hard drive from this wreck, a CD burner from that one and a zip drive from that virus-riddled Dell over there. We'll stick it together with the monitor you found in Jarvis and Syham together a super computer!"
by Nate Curtis August 02, 2005
Shyam: prounounced "ShEM." A verb meaning to cobble together a better computer from the still working parts of computers that more well-off kids at your college could have fixed but opted to throw away because they could simply buy another one. Taken from the genius who developed the technique, Shyam Gouri-Shouresh
Shyam and his pals would stalk the halls of Trinity College in late May taking pieces of dead computers only to Shyam a super computer out of them by mid July.
by Nate Curtis August 02, 2005

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