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The feeling a community college student gets when they are about to lose their mind. Having hit the point where ridiculous ideas sound like normal good ideas. Reaching the point in your life where you wonder what on earth you are doing and then figuring it out agin in a matter of minutes. Going from sane to crazy instantly.
"I knew restlessticity had hit me when I spend hours in the hot tub with home made waterproof notecards to study with while eating a cotco hot dog and an entire bottle of martinelli's.
by Nate Brott October 26, 2011
A story in which is usually short and completely pointless. A story that has no relevance to any subject already mentioned in current conversation. These short lived comments are usually followed by a quick and short goat like laugh.
Chris Clampitt told another clampitt story when he mentioned the shocks not working well when the current topic was new movies.

(current topic is water parks)
Me -The lazy river is my favorite.
Chris - Yeah I did doughnuts in my truck all winter long hehehe
by Nate Brott December 23, 2011
An NCD is a Non-committal date. A date lacking commitment. This is a date in which the the datee's are not interested in each other any more than a friendship.

The history of this phrase started in february of 2009 on Valentines day. Knowing I was a single man I decided that I would take not one but 2 dates out on valentines day with out any commitment, an NCD. The point of this is to experience the feeling of dating with out any commitment. Pretending the NCD is a completely real relationship and as soon as it is over back to normal.
"I went out on a date with my NCD on sunday, we went swing dancing followed by dinner and a movie"

"It's NCD night, a night to dress up and go have a blast!"
by Nate Brott December 23, 2011

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