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The sadly incorrect way of spelling 'Misies' for those who don't know. The incorrect spelling of 'A missus'
"I love the miscies and their ballers"
"Shut the fuck up bitch, you spelled it wrong"
#misies #missus #females #women #hos #bitches #shoes
by Natalie 'Fo Sho Yo Ho' September 10, 2006
Missus. A Lady. A female member of the UVP oh six cult. A girl who is hotter than you.
"Hey man those misies are so fucking hott"

"Don't even try man, the misies and their ballers are tighter then a prostitutes pants."
#boo #miscies #lady #woman #hottie
by Natalie 'Fo Sho Yo Ho' October 08, 2006
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