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an ardent BUSH follower;someone that George Bush 1 & 2 controls completely;a clitoris or a penis being manipulated.
Wow Colin Powell is our first black BUSHPUPPET!
by Nat Hawthorne November 19, 2003
A song by rockers, ZZ TOP; The difference in life styles between the Illuminati elite,and just an average old billionaire family; the life the BUSH,ROTHSCHILDES,ROCKEFELLERS AND MELLONS live on the taxes of American citizens;Lying on a rock,tongue extended, awaiting the first insect of the day.
Damn,those Rockyfelders and Shrubs,sho` know how to live it up on the money dat dey steel from workin` Americans don`t dey Buford?
by Nat Hawthorne November 19, 2003
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