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The most populated city in New Zealand, being about 1.5 million. IT is situated at one of the narrowest points on the North Island, and has been host to such events as the America's Cup. Also know as the City of Sails, for its keen interest in yachting.
Many New Zealanders argue that Auckland should, in fact be the Capital City of New Zealand, for its size, growth, infrastructure and sights. It also boasts some of the best golf courses in New Zealand, such as Formosa Auckland Country Club, Gulf Harbour, The Grange...and many many more.
Auckland is home to The Warriors League team, and the Auckland Blues, for Rugby Union.
Wellington Resident: Damn, I wanna live in Auckland n b a Jaffa.

Auckland Resident(ME): Ima kill me that smacktard who knocked us Jaffas! We rule, and the only reason u talkin' shit, ma fren, is cos we is betta!!
by Nastypieceawork April 30, 2004

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