33 definitions by Nasty Nate

slaughtering and setting fire to a physically immature animal (of the same sex as you) before fucking its corpse
This muthafucker ain't one of us! I saw him commit pyropedohomonecrobestiality on a goat!
by Nasty Nate June 05, 2003
/verb/ 1. to administer a beating on someone, usually using only hands, feet and other natural weapons
2. to verbally berate someone so badly that he is ashamed to show his face in public
Back off! Do you want me to open a can of whup ass on your bitch ass?
by Nasty Nate October 02, 2003
when your titty fucking a girl backwards so that your balls slide across her face back and forth
last night my friend Anthony gave Monica lee a raw windsheild wiper
by Nasty nate March 26, 2005
A man who dresses like a woman; usually one who can actually be mistaken as a woman. He-she's are usually one step away from gettin sex change operations.
BOB: Damn! That girl is hot!
TONY: That ain't a girl. That's a he-she!
by Nasty Nate June 23, 2003
A slutty, uneducated, fat, smelly three-toothed woman who lives in a trailer park and fucks every man who so much as pays attention to her. Trailer park skanks have at least 5 kids by 5 different men and no jobs. They are the epitome of white trash and collect welfare checks.
I wouldn't fuck that trailer park skank with a stolen schlong! She is liable to give me an STD!
by Nasty Nate June 20, 2003
When a girl gives you a blowjob and also licks your balls
That bitch gave me the tazes last night.
by Nasty Nate March 22, 2005
the dude on the porno set who mops up the jizz after the money shot
You couldn't pay me enough to be a jizz mopper, bro!
by Nasty Nate June 19, 2003

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