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A great movie. Doesn't quite define anarchy very well, but does give the ideals and purposes of the punk rock scene of Salt Lake City in 1985. Some idiots may take it too serious though and use it as a way to base their life on and make themselves think they're punk.
Bob: "Sean, what are you doing outside man?" Sean: "Are you him?" Bob: "Yeah, I'm him." Sean: "Jesus! Have I sinned or am I going to heaven?" Bob: "haha, you're frying man. How much acid did you take?" Sean: "Wait, you're not him. You're Bob." Bob: "I'm Bob! how goes it?" Sean: "How are you doing that?" Bob: "Doing what?" Sean: "Walking on water. I can't get off this chair Bob, wanna know why." Bob: "Why?" Sean: "...Cuz I can't swim." Bob: "Oh, i get it. So uh, Sean, do you see land anywhere?" Sean: *squeek* *squeek* "No, just water."
by Nash Potter October 21, 2004
A great vodka that is 160 proof. It will kick your ass. Try not to funnle it with a beer, let alone three beers, or you will wind up puking the whole next day.
Man that devil springs kicked my ass lastnight. I love it!
by Nash Potter October 21, 2004

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