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1 definition by Nappy Dave

The term revered the applause which accompanied intercourse with the most experienced partners. Fairly enough, this scholarly experience in "doin the nasty" made those individuals all the more susceptable to contracting gonorrhea. so it was said "If you clap after sex, chances are, you got the clap."
"After spending the most eventful of nights knocking boots with this lovely hoe, I smaked dat budunkadunk all night and after I was done I clapped with delight and satisfaction. To my horror, the next morning the applause stopped when I had realized that in clapping after sex, I had subconsciously qued my body to spontaneously contract the clap. It was like saying the majic word. Except my penis and anus were vomiting out green puss."
by Nappy Dave August 27, 2007