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Commonly known as a sweet or tablet or a shape, it can also be confused with Beyonce Knowles' younger sister's name, Solange Knowles.
Person 1: OMG have you seen Bring It On 2? With Lozenge Knowles?
Person 2: I think you mean Solange...
by Naomi Richards October 22, 2007
A pizza with Chinese flavour chicken on. Wang can also be a term for an annoying chinese person. It can sometimes be used to be racist.
Person 1: OMG what topping is on that pizza?
Person 2: It's a Wang Pizza
Person 3: Ohhhh! Nice!


Person 1: God don't you hate Li?
Person 2: Yeah he's such a Wang!
by Naomi Richards October 22, 2007
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