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1 definition by Nakquada (Terri)

A knacker is your general scumbag from Ireland. Males wear caps balanced at an upright angle on their head, at least 5 gold rings and sovereigns on each hand, large gold chains around their necks, matching tracksuits or shirt under Satellite Sports stripey jumper. Adidas, puma, nike or burberry clothing essential to fit crowd. Females wear: Maternity clothes, knacker hoops (large earings that reach from earlobe to shoulder) Prams, belly tops and tracksuits with their knackery fat hanging off the side.

All knackers enjoy "Bockin' da head o' ya, gear, yolks, dope. hub caps, robbing, thieving, lying, transit vans, horses, lifestyle sports, penneys clothes, supermacs, macdonalds, cinemas, crappy civics and puntos. Fighting, rolling up their sleeves.

God I hate knackers.

They also can't read or write, and try to rip you off by selling u a microwaved eight instead of a decent quarter.

They can't speak either.

"Box da nick off ya, lid bollox, bate tha hid off yer showldees. Tum'on, I fite ya. I fite ya! I knife ya! I stikk me daggy in the side ur nick and slit ur throat. I will! Tum'on give us a yaro, go on, I'll fite ya!

I fite ya fo a five-o, bate ya fo a tenno. Ivya have 15 I bewwy ya fo it. An if ya don wan fite me, meh bwodja bate ya fo not chin.
Half of Dublin is filled with knackers

I was mindin' be business and this knacker stabbed me.
by Nakquada (Terri) June 15, 2007