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Rikki is a very unique and amazing girl. She really knows how to make her boyfriend smile and feel great. She is a very beautiful, super smart, and extremely talented girl. She has long, curly, reddish brown hair. She has pretty brown eyes, soft kissable lips, and soft smooth skin. She has a great body. The kind of body you want to hold close. She has an incredible amount of self respect, and is an innocent girl. She's not scared to mess around a little, but don't expect to have sex with her until you're married. One of her hidden talents is the fact that she's an incredible kisser even though she's never kissed a guy before. When kissing her you won't want to stop and when she makes you stop you'll want to kiss her again. She's a great actress and can play a pretty mean piano. She succeeds at everything she tries. She's going to do great things with her life and you should consider yourself lucky if you get to be apart of it. If you ever happen to end up dating her you better hold on to her as long as you can. You won't want to ever lose her and if that does happen you'll regret it whatever it was that made her fall out of love with you. She doesn't get mad to often, but when she does she won't take it out on her boyfriend. She gives her boyfriend nothing but love and respect, and is very sweet and nice to him. She would do anything for him and he should do the same for her. She deserves the best and I hope she gets it. She truly is the greatest girlfriend ever.
Dude #1:You're so lucky Rikki is your girlfriend!
Dude #2:You think I don't know this already? I love her with all my heart.
by Naked in my pants January 11, 2012

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