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9 definitions by Naive Amoeba

The capital of England, but not the only city there. No americans seem to realise that not all english people are from london, and that we don't all eat crumpets and go on the hunt.
"Where are you from?"


"Oh my gawd, I love london"

"No, not London. Manchester."

"Oh my gawd, I love london"

"Err, no, I'm not from London but I am from england"

"Oh my gawd..." etc etc
by Naive Amoeba March 22, 2005
2037 419
Really bright stuff.
"Shit, look at all that whiteness"

"Yep, that's light"

by Naive Amoeba May 25, 2005
434 117
The greatest website to ever be made. Ever. Seriously.

"God, b3ta is great"
"I agree, now help me to bumrape this goldfish"
by Naive Amoeba January 17, 2005
174 49
'Lovely' but said in a childish/cute manner.
Aww, that kitten is lully!
by Naive Amoeba November 30, 2004
52 13
To throw a nut on a string at a squirrel, then when it holds on, swiftly yanking it upwards. They don't let go.. seriously.
"Hey, wanna go for some squirrel fishing?"
"Sure thing, let me get my rod"
by Naive Amoeba April 09, 2005
23 3
When you do something stupid, and make a mental note to yourself to not repeat it- although it is usually said aloud for comic purposes.
"Note to self- hamsters should not be used as golfballs"
by Naive Amoeba May 11, 2005
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The female genitals. Can also use "Mrs. Mimsy".
"She has a pretty mimsy"
by Naive Amoeba March 24, 2007
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