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Pacific Northwest slang, traditional Puget Sound area, Eastern Washington, Oregon. A party. From Chinook Jargon "potlach", to give, a gift, an event where many gifts were given.
We're having a potlatch this weekend, adults only.
by Nadja Adolf August 28, 2003
Northwest regional slang. Girlfriend, wife. From Chinook Jargon "Klootch'man": woman, female of any animal, wife.
Dancing tonight, no cover if you bring your klooch.
by Nadja Adolf August 28, 2003
kanoodle. Pacific Northwest slang.
Tobacco, smoking, idle conversation, generally while relaxing and smoking.
From Chinook Jargon "kinootl."
Come on in. We were just kanoodling.
by Nadja Adolf August 28, 2003
From Chinook Jargon. To smoke tobacco, hangout, talk.
Come on and join us, we were just kinoodling.
by Nadja Adolf August 28, 2003
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