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An asian last name that is despised by every single ethnic group in the world.

If you have this last name, you should either:
a) run around screaming in public saying "SHOOT MEE SHOOT MEE!" and hope someone puts you out of your misery

b) throw youself into a boiling pot of cooking oil so that street dogs can feast on your meat..cause you know dogs have to eat to :D

c) suicide. it'll do better for the world.

Na, the most hated last name/name/word in the english language.

If you ever meet a person with this last name, run far, far, away, as FAST as you can.

Or else, you will contract a disease called "NAringitus"

If you do contract this disease, either find another person to give it to, or kill yourself. Or else you to will turn into a Na.

Which isn't very pretty.
Person 2: It's a Na.

"I can't tell..is it a pile of shit? or a Na?
by NaNaNaNaNa1234 March 31, 2009

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