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When you are walking along and you see a woman so fine from the back she has to be hot. The long blond hair, slender body, nice legs and nice boots. BUT when you try to catch a glimpse of her front, its like aaaahhh no, how can it be. She has a butter face and you just can't believe she's not hot. But she is back hot. Hot from the back view!
Me: Hey Mike, I was walkin to work and I saw a girl that was so damn fine from the back but then I passed her and saw her front, I thought I was gonna barf in my scarf!
Mike: Oh yeaaah kid, she was back hot! I get it
by NYC haters August 12, 2011
The cast of modern day liberal preachers who prey on people of faith that sin. When people of faith sin they need to confess their sins but their actions are still deemed to be of immoral character.
So they turned to the Intercult in order to have their actions be accepted as normal and ok as part of a bigger plan from their god.
Intercults prey on the weak people of faith by promising that what wrong they are doing is part of a bigger plan by god and that its ok as long as you praise god and you know what you are doing will bring about your better good.
Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer are good examples of members of this Intercult.
Hi Shelly, I've been cheating on my husband and I know its wrong but my bible or friends don't understand my actions. I decided to join the Intercult and now I feel so much better cause I know I am doing right for a better tomorrow.

Hey Bob, my wife's been committing sin all over the place, lying, cheating, stealing but she can't see she is wrong. I think she joined the Intercult cause there's stuff all over the house about how doing bad is good because its for a better life for her with or without me. And she is bleeding money to the Intercult!
by NYC haters February 10, 2012
When you are part of the lowly back office at work and always get shit on and picked on by your boss and managers to the point where you feel like you are just getting beaten like a pinata. And you are just so beaten down and shit on, you just sit there and take more.
Me: Wow did you just see Stacey get yelled at for miscalculating the algorithm by a decimal and then her boss said she had to work late and the weekend. On top of that he gave her Pedro's work who he fired and then began to tell her to get her shit done on her birthday or else.
Co Worker: Damn Stacey's a true and tried office Pinata. I think I'm gonna go try to hit her too for some work and see if I can beat it out of her so I can take the day off! Ha!
by NYC haters August 12, 2011

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