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Derogatory term for a volunteer Fire Fighter.

Also known as a KD.

This explains the volunteer Fire Fighter who returns from his bi-yearly trash can fire and spends the next 2 hours talking about how fucking cool he is for slaying the dragon and saving the day. He then masturbates to such an excess that his dick turns bright red and starts to bleed.

A KD will drive a large red pick up truck with a light bar and sticker of fire fighters in the rear window.

A KD will wear a Bat belt of pagers, radios, flashlights, knives, CPR pocket mask, ext…

A KD will have several tattoos of fire fighter themes
That dudes a ketchup dick look at his big truck with the light bar.
by NPuff September 24, 2010
To be broken, fucked up, messed up, not working.
used by climbers to discribe a bad thing.
That is fucking jingis
by NPuff May 28, 2006

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