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A town on the north shore of long island nice park shitty high school nothing to do their but smoke weed get into fight yell YOLO or #swag 2012 or # fucking everything because people in that school cont talk like human they need facebook twitter and tumblr and texting to talk and talk shit since no one can say shit to each others face anymore, the boys are like short with shaved heads and big puffy Northface jackets one like they live in the hood but they live in the cleanest place on earth, the girls are rich snobby and just like to tease guys into thinking they will get something a relationship only lasts 3-7 days between bay and girl unless you find someone who is real (not in this town) people who live in the (Grids) or 1-10th avenue think they are bad asses if you are a senior you have the privileged of walking though the commons with your big foam cup from the deli and have all the jackass kids write yolo yolo yolo YOLO!!!!!! on it becouse you are all so cool! and also have you key lanyard hang out of you left back pocket that tags you as a senior all the girls try and compete with each other about who's boobs are perpendicular to there face and who's ass is bigger and who has a tattoo above their vagina the town is full rich assholes who frown upon the encroachment of minority family or people who don't drive a BMW a Cadillac , or a Benz
i went to northport to get a luberjack and came back with a MILF
by NPThaters January 26, 2012

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