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A south asian gangster usually with these characteristics:
- wears brand only clothing (Jordan, Puma, Lacoste, Nike etc
- has high hopes of becoming a successful gangster/dealer
- has so many enemies (usually of the same ethnicity) that he is afraid to walk in groups of less than four
- at many times, uses punjabi words like paaji, panchod, phudu
- they always jump ppl they hate or if they are drunk......random people
- the only kind of music the listen to is punjabi music and rap
- smoke weed, fuck bitches, and drink liqour on a regular basis
- tend to hindu pack their cars
Some guy: hey u hear that punjabi music?
Other guy: yeah i think a hindu packed car full of Surrey jacks are comin our way! RUN
by NOTASurrey jack April 07, 2007

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