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2 definitions by NHL expert

When compared to a man, a woman is

- less aggressive and violent
- less sadistic
- less anti-social
- less narcissistic
- better in school and college
A woman is awesome. The future is hers.
by NHL expert May 30, 2010
NHL player (Washington Caps).

Dan Aykroyd's hockey playing twin. Both are Canadian, look/are overweight and have a receding hairline.

The second most unattractive player for the Washington Caps. His girlfriend's name is Gr8. She eats children and small furry animals.

Drives a car designed by douchebags for douchebags.
Mike Green: My name is Mike Lambor-Green-hi!!! Ain't I clever, eh?

Gr8: ARghvgqliwbvü098r0z8vgob048tr9^74tz873gtf87u
Play hard I Crosby no good I better I dum dum dum I Stanley Cup I in Brooksy ass I liiiiike it warm
by NHL expert February 13, 2010