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New York Football Team, with poor history, consisting of mostly Mexicans, potheads, dumb asses, and overrated players. They have a fat coach who is morally vacuous, has a passionate foot fetish, and flaps his gums to much. The Jets are a team with no character which always gets players with behavioral problems. Always involved in embarrassing, stupid incidents, like Sal Alosi tripping Dolphins rookie Nolan Carroll, the Rex Ryan middle finger dispute, and the viral Youtube video with Mark Sanchez using Mark Brunell as a snot rag. Has players with big mouths like Cromartie tweeting that he will "smash Matt Hasselbeck's face in" and other stupid comments from Revis, Sanchez, Scott, and Pace. Overrated players include, but are not limited to: Shonn Greene, Jerricho Cotchery, Brad Smith, Mark Sanchez, and more. Nicknames for these players include "Dirty Sanchez," "Jerricho Crothery," and more.
"Jets are the BEST TEAM!"
"Are you an idiot? Jets are gay, they are more like the New York Jests."

"Dude, that guy is such an idiot, he must be a member of the terrible organization - the New York Jets"

"Rex Ryan is so fat that they has to set up speed bumps when he went to an all-you-can-eat buffet!
by NFL Analyst January 30, 2011

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