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someone who likes recieving anal sex, not necessarily a homosexual, but more often than not!
Take a rest and relax, you fuckin' bone smuggler!
by NEGROTIC BICKWOW February 12, 2003
The pieces of rolled-up toilet paper stuck in your ass hair.
I was in the shower, picking butt doobies out of my ass.
by NEGROTIC BICKWOW February 22, 2003
Shortening of "It's awesome," variation for awesome.

when you're drinking a lot and you try to say the words "it's awesome," but you wind up slurring so it sounds like one word.
"Hey man, how's your drink?"

"Ppfuck, man, zozzum.... You fuckin' don't know me!! Ahhhh... FIVE DOLLARS?? Get outta here.
by NEGROTIC BICKWOW October 25, 2002
To get high, hook up electronic instruments, and record. Term invented by industrial gods Skinny Puppy.
We hit tha bong, pounded beers, and brapped 'till dawn
by NEGROTIC BICKWOW October 25, 2002
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