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noun; Akin to a fingerprint in your pants, most commonly referred to as a skid or hash-mark.
While doing the laundry, Terri noticed a huge prant on Gerdy's skivvies.

She went to fart a fart but ended up with a prant on her G- string.

Having eaten bum tacos for lunch, Steve and Arlene both ended up with matching prants in their britches.

Even bleach couldn't get the prant out of Donald's bloomers.
#hash mark #skid mark #suidge #wet fart #squirts
by NCKnobster August 03, 2011
noun; a wet fart

verb; the act of ripping a wet fart
Russell, trying to be a funny man, went to blow a fart in Hurley's face but ended up with a squidge in his britches.

Mikey laughed so hard that he squidged his pants.

After butt hole surgery, Gerard suffered many a squidge.
#prant #hash mark #skid mark #wet fart #wet pop
by NCKnobster September 07, 2011
The Liberal media censoring web blogs so that only their
socialist agenda is presented. Democrats feeble attempt to brainwash the populous into their twisted way of thinking.
AOL is part of the current the present administrations antisocial networking.
#brainwashing #socialist #democrat #liberal #agenda
by NCKnobster May 20, 2011
verb; the act of introducing a complete douche bag of an egotist, that has absolutely NOTHING to be egotistical about
"Ladies and Gentle, it is my extreme displeasure to introdouche the 44th President of the United States."
#asshole #liberal #douchebag #shithead #communist
by NCKnobster February 13, 2012
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