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played for the Toronto Raptors franchise; bailed out on the millions of fans who supported him in Canada; a very very selfish man who cared only for himself; he was making 12.5 million dollars in 2004-2005 and felt he needed to start worrying about himself and put his priorities before that of his teamates and the city of Toronto; accussed the franchise of constantly rebuilding and having a revolving door policy on free agents; the however admitted to not giving it his all in Toronto thus proving he was responsible for the raps losing seasons; a very sad man with a lot of talent; he may be geniunly nice outside but was never a MAN on the basketball court; OAKLEY challenged him and he got him traded; VC helped bring in HAKEEM who was a FLOP; his mom ran the franchise and his life; now hes winning games as a new jersey NET which as a team has less talent than do the raptors which goes to show you if he'd have given his all the the raptors franchise, they would've made the playoffs this yr and in yrs past
"Vince Carter is a whiny mama's boy whose as selfish as they come, and has no regard for anyone but himself
by NBA Thug April 06, 2005

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