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a shy guy that is undeniably HOTT.
My boyfriend's a panda bear.
by natalie March 06, 2005
Electronic Voice Phenomena- The process of seeing or hearing a dead person or people through the use of ld or modern electronic devices.

2. White Noise- seeing or hearing the voices of the dead through our televisions.
A voice was recorded August 2003 when the person died in 2002.
by Natalie January 17, 2005
Doopa in polish means "ass"
If you were in Poland; "Agnes has a giant doopa"
by Natalie August 28, 2003
This is when someone who cannot spell writes something, checks back and realises it was mispelt and types (sp)} after it so they don't look as uneducated.
I am like a total fan of Pchyology (sp)
by Natalie August 16, 2004
a sound in written form meaning agreement, 'yes', can also be used as a coy/sexy way of agreeing
1) 'you really like those chips dont you?' 'mm hmm.'

2) 'yo baby, you like when i touch you liek that?' 'mm hmm.'
by Natalie May 12, 2004
The best guitarest ever. PERIOD. Oh and he's gorgeous and skinny and has bitchin' hair.
Jade Pudget is beautiful.
by Natalie January 09, 2004
The judgment or stereotype of an individual or group based on their placement in society.
You would never see rich people and poor people to the same party
by Natalie March 30, 2005
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