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Refers to the language, culture, and/or traditional homeland of the Basque people, centered in a region of Northern Spain and South-Western France.

Considered to be Europe's oldest inhabitants, their language, Euskara, is an anomoly - not related to any other known language. It is widely renowned to be the hardest language on Earth. Typical Basque costume includes the compuslory beret (txapela) for men, with a red neckerchief. Basques are usually fair-skinned and have black hair, but blue eyes sometimes.

They are widely known in the United States as shepherds. The largest concentrated Basque diaspora population in the US is in Boise, Idaho, followed by Reno, Nevada.

Traditional activites include improvised singing competitions (bertsolariak), and "strong man" feats of strength.

The most delicious drink on the face of the planet, the Kalimotxo (mixture of cheap red wine and Coca-Cola) is of Basque origin.
Basque - English
Kaixo - "Hello"
Agur - "Bye"
Eskerrik asko - "Thank you very much"
Nola esaten da ___ euskaraz/ingelesez? - "How do you say ___ in Basque/English?"
Kalimotxo bat nahi nuke - "I would like a kalimotxo"
Zein da zure izena? - "What is your name?"
___ dut izena - "My name is ___"
Maite zaitut - "I love you"
Barkatu, baina ez zaitut ulertzen - "I'm sorry, but I don't understand you"
Badakizu ingelesez/gasteleraz/frantzesez? - "Do you speak English/Spanish/French?"
by N.S.P. Alabaster P. St. Croix August 16, 2006

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